Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Deli Coco Indonesia, is a pure coconut oil product which is made from organic coconut, which grows and develops naturally, without chemicals. The initial process from planting the seeds to the final process of fertilization at harvest, is carried out in the traditional way by local farmers. In processing coconut oil production, we use the Cold Process, which is the best way to produce the best quality virgin coconut oil. We succesfully managed to process the production of Virgin Coconut Oil extract completely in just about 2 hours, so that our Virgin Coconut Oil extract does not have time to be exposed to air for a long time, which can cause oxidation and oil spoilage. We use the Centrifugation method process, which is a method that does not experience any heat at all at every stage of the process. So, because of this, the VCO produced by the centrifugation method has a more fragrant aroma like the aroma of fresh coconut milk, with a clear color like water.

We are ready to serve requests in small and large quantities.

Moisture Content%0.12AOCS : Ca 2b-38 (2017)
Peroxide Valuemeq peroxide/kg0.0AOCS : Cd 8b-90 (2017)
Saponification Value272.40AOCS : Cd 3-25 (2017)


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